Prevent Running Injuries and Solve Old Injury-Issues

Whether a seasoned runner or just starting out, we can all benefit from advice on how best to run efficiently and more importantly enjoy running without pain or injury.

At Hammersmith Physio, we pride ourselves in our ability to fully assess and correctly diagnose your running-related symptoms. We start by taking a comprehensive history of your injury, we then undertake a physical assessment - including a video gait analysis on our in-house treadmill. From this we can gain lots of useful information, not only relating to your current injury but also provide tips on how best to improve your running gait and ultimately your performance. We can help you to run faster and for longer!

Our assessment sessions also include advice on your running shoes, ensuring that you have the best equipment on your feet, for your foot-type. Finally you'll be given a bespoke video exercise programme, which you can access at anytime to help you perform your rehabilitation exercises regularly and in the gym or your own home.

We offer the options of a one-off 1 hour assessment session or a package of 6 sessions, the latter being more appropriate for those that may have an on-going injury that requires additional manual therapy.


Run Smarter


Running gait analysis
Running gait analysis